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Will plan "X" fit on my lot?
This information must be determined locally and depends on the zoning, codes, setbacks, etc for your lot. Please contact your local building department.

Can I add units to an apartment or duplex plan?
In most cases, we can add units to an existing plan at no additional charge. For example, If you see a plan with 4 units and you need 6, simply send a request using the form on our contact page. We will review that request and contact you with information on whether the plan you are reviewing would accommodate additional units.

How many buildings can I fit on my property?
This information can only be obtained locally through your local building department and zoning office. There are many factors to be considered and those agencies can provide you with that information.

Can I upgrade my shipped sets to PDF format?
Orders that have already shipped in physical format can be upgraded to PDF format within 90 days of the original date. However these upgrades DO NOT include the material list.

How many buildings can I construct with my ordered plans?
All orders are licensed for construction of one building only. Additional buildings from the same plan must be issued a separate license. Please email us for more information.

What if I need an alternate foundation type?
Should you need or prefer a specific foundation type, a professional builder with knowledge of your specific codes can quickly and easily adapt any plan to suit your needs or site conditions. This is often done as part of your contract with the builder.

What will be included in my home plan package?
Your package will include the drawings necessary to construct the home. See the section titled What's included on this site for details.

Can I have changes made to a plan?
All of our home plans can be changed or modified. Simply tell us how you would like to personalize one of our plans and we will contact you with the appropriate information. Other plan suppliers charge several thousand dollars and take weeks to provide changes, if they offer that option at all. We typically make small changes at no charge and get your plans out to you in as little as a few days.

What are the key elements in choosing a house plan?
The key elements to consider in choosing a plan are relatively simple. Something that seems to be overlooked more often than one would think is the width and depth of the house. It is important to know the width and depth of your lot and any setbacks that pertain to your property. Your home will have to fit inside these setbacks. Another thing to consider is the condition of your property. Issues such as land slope, low spots, and trees you wish to keep could greatly influence your decision on a home design that will accommodate these conditions. Most importantly, consider your budget. This is the most crucial point that many people tend to lose sight of in the excitement of searching for a new home. Determine what features you really need and separate them from features that would be luxuries. This will give you a solid starting point to finding a plan that will fit your budget. Most features can be added or removed to suit your financial plans.

How do I know if I need a reverse plan and how do I get one?
The decision on whether or not to choose a reverse plan can depend on many things. Sometimes it is a matter of preference, other times it is what your building site will allow. For instance, one may want certain rooms at the other side of the property for directional reasons. One may prefer sun or shade in certain rooms at a particular time of day or take advantage of a view that could be obtained. Other times it may be a matter of convenience, economics, or both. For example, you may have a corner lot that would save driveway costs as well as make the garage much more accessible if the plan were reversed. In addition, a beautiful tree may be in jeopardy without the plan being reversed. It could be many things. Evaluate your lot carefully! Reverse plans can be ordered in place of the original layout. Please see the "Order options" section for details.

How do I know if a plan will be economical to build?
This question is a little more complicated to answer. There are many variations for layouts of all sizes. A simple hip roof is the most economical while a roof with excessive gables adds more exterior wall area which in-turn adds costs. All of our designs are created with these factors in mind to create very attractive designs that are affordable. You may wish to order our Study Set for the plan you are interested in purchasing. This set is offered at a reduced rate and is stamped "Not for construction". It is a good tool for obtaining rough estimates to determine if a given plan will suit your budget.

How do my local building codes affect my plans?
If you are planning to build in an area with unique conditions such as earthquake zones, high wind and/or snow loads, poor load-bearing soils, coastal areas, extreme grade changes, etc., local authorities may require an engineer's report prior to construction. If an engineers stamp is required, you will need to have the plans reviewed and stamped at your local level.

Can I return plans if my needs or situation changes?
Plan packages are produced in direct response to orders placed. Therefore, we cannot honor requests for credit and/or refunds under any circumstances. In some cases, exchanges may be allowed but only at the sole discrection of PlanSource, Inc.


All construction plans ordered through PlanSource, Inc are provided as-is. PlanSource, Inc disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose. Construction plans may not be returned for credit and/or refund under any circumstances. PlanSource, Inc is not liable for incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages of any kind; including, but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits, business opportunity or other economic loss arising out of the use of services or any construction plans received from PlanSource, Inc, even if PlanSource, Inc has been advised of the possibility of such damage. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the accuracy, compliance with applicable statute(s) or regulation(s), and fitness of purpose of any plans or construction information received from PlanSource, Inc prior to the use thereof. In the event that any liability is imposed on PlanSource, Inc, PlanSource, Inc 's liability to you or any third party shall not exceed the price paid for PlanSource, Inc’s plans and/or design products.