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Study sets

If you find a plan in our library that you would like to review in more detail, a study set may be the best place to start. Study sets help minimize upfront costs by allowing for general review of the floor plan and elevations at scale to help determine suitability.

These sets are offered by 1) PDF delivery to your inbox (typically within 24 hours*) and 2) Shipped via UPS. The only difference is that PDF sets are delivered to your email and printed locally. No physical package is shipped unless the "Study set-Shipped" option is selected. Both options will consist of the following items:

1) Study set orders
include modifications. Only the stock plan can be ordered as a study set. However modifications can be made upon ordering of the full plan package. These sets are not full plan packages but rather used for general review and consist of only the items listed above. Only one copy will be included in study set orders and will be stamped "Not for construction".
2) Most builders can produce rough bids from the above information. However, not all will have the experience and/or tools for this purpose.

For additional estimating purposes, the material list for your plan of interest can be added to the study set at any time from this page on our site: http://www.plansourceinc.com/orderinf.htm Simply scroll to the appropriate section, enter the requested information and checkout normally.

Important information:

*When a study set is ordered in PDF format, please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your email. (Weekends and holidays may add additional delivery times.)

The cost of the study set can be applied to the total cost of the complete plan package when ordered as specified below.

Full-priced plan package must be ordered within 180 days of study set purchase in order to receive credit.
All plan packages ordered more than 180 days after the study set must be purchased at the full package price.

The cost of the study set is credited ONLY when the full plan package is ordered. Otherwise, no other credits and/or refunds are made on study set orders for any reason. Study set credits are limited to $350 unless other arrangements have been made prior to ordering. All sales are final.