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Construction costs - Discontinued feature

Due to confusion with some customers and an "estimated" cost-to-build versus real-world construction costs based on final specifications, local labor rates and material costs, etc, this feature has been removed from our site.

Final specifications can cause actual costs to vary significantly on the same plan. For example, one may install inexpensive vinyl flooring while another installs a high-end marble floor covering. If that same trend extends across the entire project, one would cost a great deal more than the other, even though the same design is being built by both parties.

With some customers having requested a guarantee on the construction estimates previously shown on our site, we have had to remove this information/feature. Given the above example and the fact that we must rely on third-party information for most figures, this is an impossible guarantee to make; not just for PlanSource, Inc but any designer and/or plan provider. Final construction costs are always determined between the owner and their builder through contract negotiations, specifications and other related matters.

- We appreciate your understanding.

Should you wish to have rough figures before committing to a full plan package, we suggest ordering a study set for the plan you are interested in building. This can be used to consult with local professionals to get the best estimates for your area with minimal upfront cost. As always, the study set cost is credited toward the full plan package per the link above.
(Time constraints apply.)