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Construction costs

Each plan page on our site has a rough "cost-to-build" estimate based on your state. (see the dropdown list on plan pages). The information in our cost-to-build estimates has been drawn from third-party sources and should include labor and materials. Land costs, site work, driveways and other items or features outside the building footprint may be additional to the rough estimate shown.

Per the third-party sources as mentioned above, costs are based on averages for your area with some being less and some being more. There are many different factors that influence costs so it is best to consult with a builder in your area to get the most accurate estimates. Consider ordering our study set to get rough bids from local sources.

Note: PlanSource, Inc makes no guarantee on the accuracy of the estimate shown. It should be used only as a rough guideline in determining a projects suitability to your budget. Read below for more details.

Important information

There are many factors that can influence actual costs. Things such as labor rates, material prices and availability, competition, etc. are always changing and could affect the final costs significantly. It is always best to consult with a professional builder in your area to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date building costs. Consider ordering a Study set for the plan of interest. It can be used for obtaining local bids which would reflect current rates for your area, without the upfront expense of the full plan package. (Study set purchases are credited toward the full plan package. Some limitations apply.)