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Contact Us

The majority of contacts we receive are regarding changes to a plan. Many times, changes that are requested can affect other areas of a plan. We must schedule time to sit down with a plan, make a review and determine how to best accommodate your requests. This can become difficult to do while on the telephone at the same time. By emailing your questions, it allows us time to make a proper plan review and reply with the appropriate information. We appreciate your cooperation so that we can better address your needs.

Also, see our FAQ page. It contains answers to the most common questions we receive.

All questions regarding plan changes must be sent by email:


Once your email is received, we will reply as soon as possible. Email is monitored after business hours and may receive a response at any time, including weekends. Therefore you may get answers to questions much more quickly.

Business hours
Monday - Friday: 9am to 6pm CT

To place an order:
Toll free: 800-470-5451
Fax: 888-207-0133 
email: sales@plansourceinc.com

Plan Modifications

If you have ideas for more extensive changes you would like to have made, it is always best to sketch them out and send them to us for review. It can be very simple sketches to show how you would like things modified. It does not have to be expertly done.

To submit sketches depicting your change requests, please send them to sketches@plansourceinc.com so that we can review them and provide accurate and timely information, along with any ideas we may have to get your plan just the way you need it.